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LA Green Business Program Recognizes Certified Businesses Across The City

Posted on 07/10/2024
Green Business

LOS ANGELES–– The LA Green Business Program recently honored and recognized businesses that were certified as green businesses at a local green-business-certified restaurant, Joyce Soul and Sea. Organized by LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN), the event recognized businesses such as The Knowledge Shop––a non-profit organization created to offer educational services to disadvantaged communities––founded by Yolande Beckles, Community Services Unlimited–a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering underserved communities through urban agriculture, youth programs, and sustainable living education–founded by Maira Quintanilla and Heather Fenney, and Cafecita Coffee–– a women-owned coffee roaster that sources coffee from sustainable women-owned farms and co-ops–– founded by Natalie Webb.  


“Being a small business owner, we don’t have the budget for marketing our business. So being a part of the California Green Business Network, and being honored by the LA Green Business Program, allows me the opportunity to connect with other business owners and businesses committed to sustainability like Cafecita,” said Natalie Webb, founder of Cafecita Coffee


More than 40 certified green businesses were highlighted for their efforts, most notably,  businesses located in Environmental Justice communities. The LA Green Business Program was created to assist and recognize businesses, nonprofit organizations, and offices to meet environmental standards developed by the California Green Business Network (CAGBN). The free program allows enrolled businesses to save money on utilities and contribute to combating the climate crisis through implementing sustainable practices. Businesses participating in the program are given access to free consulting, referrals to rebate programs, networking opportunities, and marketing perks.


The program benefits a variety of businesses including, but not limited to, office and retail, restaurants and food manufacturers, hotels and large venues, schools, salon services, car washes, and nail salons.


“LASAN’s Green Business Program provides support for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and offices across the City of Los Angeles as they work to achieve their environmental goals,” said Barbara Romero, LASAN Director and General Manager. “We are proud to have honored these businesses for their commitment to sustainability in the City.” 


Over the past year, the LA Green Business Program has reduced CO2 across the City of LA by 2.9 million pounds, aided in $500,000 in savings for utility bills across the City of LA, and has saved 8.9 million gallons of water.


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