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Commissioners Boardroom

Welcome to the Board of Public Works 

The Board of Public Works governs the Department of Public Works and is comprised of a five-member full-time executive team that is committed to delivering projects and programs that enhance quality of life, economic growth, public health and the environment to all Angelenos. 

Meet the Commissioners



Aura Garcia

Vice President

Teresa Villegas
Commissioner Davis

President Pro Tempore

Mike Davis
Commissioner Khorsand


Vahid Khorsand
Susana Reyes

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Listen to Meetings in Progress & Archived Recordings of Meetings (after 2013)

Historical Recordings

Recordings of Meetings (2011-2013)


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Other Services

Stop Notices

Reports of Outstanding and Released Stop Notices

Employee Resources

Resources for Department of Public Works Employees

Job Opportunities

 Job opportunities with the Department of Public Works

Department Bureaus

Bureau of Contract Administration
Bureau of Engineering
Bureau of Sanitation
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Bureau of Street Lighting
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Bureau of Street Services

Board of Public Works Offices


The Board Secretary and staff are collectively known as the Commission Secretariat. The Secretariat, with seven clerical employees, prepares agendas, journals, and minutes of Board meetings and provides for permanent accessibility to these records.

Office of Board Secretariat

The Office accounts for all financial transactions, accumulates and records project and program costs, bills and collects revenue from the public and governmental agencies for City services.

Office of Accounting
Office of Community Beautification

By utilizing OCB services, participants improve their environment while building partnerships with the City of Los Angeles.

Office of Community Beautification

The glitz and glamour of this industry often get attention when the real showstopper is the high paying middle class jobs that support film and television.

Office of Citywide Filming

The Board of Public Works Petroleum Administrator oversees the new Office of P&N/G Administration and Safety.

Petroleum Administration

Community Forest Advisory Committee: A healthy, safe and enduring Los Angeles community forest ecosystem for the enjoyment and well being of all.


Project Restore is a public-private partnership and nonprofit organization, which works to preserve and protect historic City of Los Angeles buildings...

Project Restore

The City Forest Officer manages LA's urban forest across departments while developing an Urban Forestry Management Plan with a focus on equity.

Office of City Forest Management
Climate Equity LG

The CEMO is guided by principles of environmental justice, collaborates with City departments and engages with frontline communities.

Climate Emergency Mobilization Office