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National Thrift Shop Day 2022

Posted on 08/17/2022
Support your local thrift shops on National Thrift Shop Day!

National Thrift Shop Day, celebrated on August 17, is dedicated to supporting local thrift shops and finding affordable, one-of-a kind items that help craft your own, unique style.

As one of the shopping capitals of the world, thrift shops play a significant role in our City’s landscape. Thrift shops help extend the life of usable items by collecting and selling donated goods at affordable prices. They help people save money on clothing, furniture, shoes, and other items while giving back to the community in the form of job opportunities and donating funds and goods to local charities and organizations.

The City especially recognizes thrift shops’ efforts in curtailing waste and pollution in our landfills. Thrift shops promote the 3 R’s of sustainability (reduce, reuse, and recycle) by reducing the amount of materials used to produce new goods, reusing the materials we already have, and recycling materials back into the production and consumption cycle. Not only do thrift shops diminish pollution and landfill waste, they also save energy used in the sourcing, transportation, and production of new goods and materials, allowing more resources to last for longer periods of time. 

Whether it be keeping up with the latest trends or finding something unique, thrift shops are a great way to find buried treasures while reducing waste. Empower your community today by donating, shopping, or partnering with your local thrift shop today!