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The Office of Forest Management Wants to Hear from You!

Posted on 01/17/2024
The background features trees lining a sidewalk with a green tint overlay. The text reads: Our Urban Forest: Planning for Trees. We want your feedback on trees in your community.

Did you know there is a name for the collection of all the trees in your community? The trees located in parks, along streets and sidewalks, in your yards, and on the properties of local businesses, places of worship, schools, and more are called the urban forest.

The City of Los Angeles and the County are partnering to create Urban Forest Management Plans that will set the vision for how we can protect and maintain trees and identify necessary resources, policies, and programs to grow our urban forest, and to keep it healthy for future Generations. 

Share your vision for the Urban Forest!

Do you have thoughts about how we can preserve and protect trees or where trees are needed in your neighborhood? You can get involved in two ways!

  1. Join a Neighborhood Workshop: Everyone is invited. Share your thoughts about the urban forest and enter a drawing to win a prize. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Find a workshop near you:
  2. Take the Questionnaire: This questionnaire will take 5 minutes and may be completed at your own pace. Please answer all the questions as best you can - responses will remain anonymous. Your input is greatly appreciated!  Let’s work together to create a healthy, sustainable urban forest that benefits everyone. 

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