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Using the City's tree inventory platform, TreeKeeper

Posted on 03/12/2021
Screen shot of the TreeKeeper tree inventory platform

As one of the early steps toward preparing the City’s first Urban Forest Management Plan, the City of Los Angeles is currently completing an inventory of every public right of way tree and empty tree well across the City. As of March the street tree inventory is approximately 25 percent complete including 21 Neighborhood Councils with completed inventories and reports. In a city with approximately 1 million publicly managed trees in our urban forest, this progress represents a massive achievement. As part of our ongoing efforts to create a transparent City for all its residents, the public can view progress on the tree inventory and search for tree data using the same platform used by our staff, TreeKeeper 8.

In this week’s Lunch and Learn session, we walked through searching the City’s tree inventory on the TreeKeeper platform. Searches can be completed using a number of different parameters such as coordinates, Council District, address or even tree species. You can also use Map Tools to select a geographic area and see the trees within the selected area. The platform also provides “total yearly eco-benefits” as a way to see just how many benefits the trees are providing us in terms of water quality, air quality, Greenhouse Gas reductions and more. 

You can watch the complete half hour Lunch and Learn session about using TreeKeeper here


You can access the 21 completed Neighborhood Council Tree Inventory Reports here and register for notifications about future inventories by Neighborhood Council here

If you want to learn more about LA’s work on creating more equity in our urban forest while also creating green jobs, you can watch the Growing Vibrant LA Communities seminar here