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Department of Public Works Management Manual


The Management Manual System was created March 21, 1996 by action of the Board of Public Works. It contains the written Personnel Policies and Personnel Directives adopted by the Board of Public Works. The Manual is designed to guide supervisors in exercising uniform management practices and to apprise them of current personnel policies and procedures used in the Department.

Maintenance and updating of the Management Manual system is the responsibility of the Office of Management Employee Services. Many portions of the existing Manual have not been updated for some time. Consequently, the entire Manual system has now been updated and reissued as needed.

To help you use the Manual most effectively, the contents of the Management Manual are separated into two categories: Personnel Directives, and Personnel Policies. At the front of each category, there is a separate Table of Contents listing current and past Directives and Policies, respectively. The material in each category is numbered in consecutive order and dated for easy reference.

Personnel Policies:

Generally, there has been no significant change to the Personnel Policies. A Personnel Policy adopted by the Board represents a continuing statement of purpose, goals, and objectives, and often provides guidelines to ensure that consistent and proper procedures are followed throughout the Department.

Personnel Directives:

A Personnel Directive provides a guideline or procedure concerning personnel matters of continuing importance and will remain in effect, until revised or rescinded by the Board of Public Works.

Major changes have been made to the Personnel Directives. A background section briefly explains the Department Policy and any other pertinent authority or rationale upon which the Directive is based. Following the background section is the specific procedure to be followed along with samples of - and/or web links to - any necessary forms or documents. The procedure section is followed by a reference line showing major sources used and a “supersedes” line which identifies the most recent document replaced by the Directive. All significant changes will be noted on a new change bulletin that will now accompany all revised, or newly issued directives.

Research and Review:

A Personnel Policy or Directive is issued only after thorough research of the subject has been completed. Research may involve consultation with City and/or other government offices and a careful review of all pertinent regulations to ensure accuracy and legality. In most instances, a proposed draft of a new or revised Directive/Policy will be prepared and submitted to each Public Works Bureau Head and to appropriate employee organizations for comment and review. Following consideration of input from all concerned parties, the final Policies and Directives will be submitted to the Board of Public Works for adoption.

Distribution and Responsibilities:

All future distribution of Directives and Policies will be accompanied by Management Manual Change Bulletins. As mentioned previously, this new Change Bulletin will contain a brief summary of the substantive changes and instructions to manual holders concerning page insertions and removals.

Supervisors are encouraged to review the contents of the Manual regularly to ensure equitable and consistent treatment of employees and proper application of the Policies and Directives. Questions concerning any item in the Management Manual should be directed to your immediate supervisor or the staff of the Office of Management Employee Services. Suggestions regarding recommended changes or additions to the contents of the Manual are appreciated.




Date of Last
Action Taken


1 Procedures Relating to Jury Duty for Public Works Employees 06/20/07 Reissued
2 No Weapons at Work 06/20/07 Reissued and renamed
3 Services Provided by the Office of Management-Employee Services 06/20/07 Reissued
4 Leaves of Absence for Duty with Non-Military Departments of the Federal Government 06/20/07 Reissued
5 Cut-Off Dates for Payroll Documents 06/20/07 Reissued
6     Rescinded
7 Method of Obtaining Employee Folders From the Office of Management Employee Services 06/20/07 Rescinded - combined with PD 40
8     Rescinded
9     Rescinded
10 Outside Employment 06/20/07 Reissued
11 Report of Personal Injury to City Employees 06/20/07 Reissued
12 Sick Leave for Part Time Employees   Rescinded- combined with PD 27
13     Rescinded
14 Bereavement Leave 06/20/07 Reissued
15 Automobile Accident Report 06/20/07 Reissued
16 Transfer Under Charter Section 52 06/20/07 Reissued
17 Authorization of Salary Differentials for Bona Fide Supervisors 06/20/07 Reissued
18 Advance Step Hiring Authorization 06/20/07 Reissued
19 Temporary Loan of Employees Among City Department, Offices or Bureaus 06/20/07 Reissued
20 Requesting Temporary (Emergency) Appointments 06/20/07 Reissued
21 Formal Employee Discipline 06/20/07 Reissued
22 Appointment of Employees Within Multiple Paygrade Classes 06/20/07 Reissued
23     Rescinded
24 Extended Paid Sick Leave Requests 06/20/07 Reissued
25 Acceptance of Subpoenas and Summonses 06/20/07 Reissued
26 Probationary Evaluations 06/20/07 Reissued
27 Requests for Paid Sick Leave 06/20/07 Reissued
28 Political Activities of City Employees 06/20/07 Reissued
29     Rescinded
30 Placement of Employees Returning From Leave 06/20/07 Reissued
31 Termination of Emergency, Exempt or Limited Employees for Cause 06/20/07 Reissued
32 Employee Awards Program 02/01/93 Revised
33 Bilingual Premium Pay 06/20/07 Reissued
34 Grievance Procedures 06/20/07 Reissued
35 Certification Selection Interviews in Public Works 06/20/07 Reissued
36 Public Works Discrimination Complaint Procedure 06/20/07 Reissued
37 Identification Cards 06/20/07 Reissued
38 Review of Sick Leave Usage/Attendance Improvement Program 06/20/07 Reissued
39 Reimbursement for Lost or Damaged Property of Public Works Employees 06/20/07 Reissued
40 Employee Reviewing Their Personnel Folder 06/20/07 Reissued
41 Requesting Examination and Reviewing Proposed Examination Bulletins 06/20/07 Reissued
42     Rescinded
43 Rules and Procedures of the Suggestion Plan of the Department of Public Works 06/20/07 Reissued
44 Termination of Probationary Employees 06/20/07 Reissued
45     Rescinded
46 Methods to Improve Employee Courtesy 06/20/07 Reissued
47 Procedure for Preventing and/or Resolving Problems Related to Sexual Harassment 06/20/07 Reissued
48 Death of an Active City Employee 06/20/07 Reissued
49 Leaves of Absence - Personal or Accept Outside Employment 06/20/07 Reissued
50 Exit Interviews 06/20/07 Reissued
51 Background Conviction Checks 06/20/07 Reissued
52 Light Duty Program   Rescinded - combined with PD 56
53 Placement of Employees with Permanent Work Restrictions   Rescinded - combined with PD 56
54 Family and Medical Leave and Pregnancy-Related Disability Leave 06/20/07 Reissued
55 Workplace Violence Prevention and Control 06/20/07 Reissued
56 Return-to-Work Program 06/20/07 Enacted, replacing PDs 52 & 53
58 Prohibition against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Public Works 06/20/07 Enacted
60 Ethics Pledge for Managers and Supervisors 11/05/08 Issued